Escuela de Tango "DISCEPOLIN"



By Néstor Pinsón


Name true: Bernabé Simara (according to the Institute of Musicology Carlos Vega)
Nicknames: black of high rail, King Tango of supr of high rail

This forgotten dancer which is very difficult to get data fehacientes, begins their career when in the year 1909 triumph in the competition of dances of carnival of the city of Buenos Aires.

Then it achieves other first prizes in the contests organized by the theaters Casino and Politeama.
Starting from then their name transcends in both banks of the River Plate and, in Montevideo, it wins the tournament of Royal Theatre.
Its incipient fame as much as dancer like teacher impels Ms. Papillón .renombrada French artist of varies you that he had learned how with Simarra to dance the tango - to hire him, in 1911, to accompany her to Paris.
Their choreographic extraordinary quality and their picturesque gaucho dress were worth him/her the appellative of "The King of the Tango." Simarra showed up with Creole attire, carrying facón, chiripá and spurs.
It confirmed their winner titles in the dance competitions winning the competitions for professionals of the theaters Femina, in 1912 and Magic Foliate in 1913, both in Paris. Their partner of then she was the Ideal Cuban Gloria, the dancer of tango of international bigger reputation.
At the time Simarra moves from Paris to the exclusive spa Lido, in Venice, Italy. There it is hired as professor of the aristocratic hotel Excélsior.

Bernabé Simarra giving tango classes.
At the beginning of the decade of the twenty it travels to Barcelona where it installs an academy of dances, guided to teach the tango to the high Catalan class.

At the time, this specialist in winning dance competitions obtains the first prize of the festival for dancers organized by the Main theater Palace.

In the year 1936 explode the Spanish civil war and Simarra he had to abandon the Iberian peninsula hastily, leaving all their goods. It travels to Montevideo, where you resides and it dies in the rawest misery.

Except this brief semblanza that we could rescue of comments published in the magazine Blunt Brother, of March of 1913, 28 and some other sources of the time, we almost ignore everything of this outstanding dancer. In the one mentioned magazine there is a picture in which we see Simarra dancing with their Ideal partner Gloria with the following epigraph: "Simarra works as professor in one of the good known academies parisinas, that of M. Camilo of Rhynal, for their presentations an onlooker attire of theatrical" gaucho shines.
Source: Todo Tango