Escuela de Tango "DISCEPOLIN"




By Néstor Pinsón

Name complete: Ovid José Bianquet
Alias: Benito
(February 14 1885. February 7 1942)

The history of "Cachafaz" is part of the mythology tanguera, a legend, today they are few that can give testimony of its life and of its art.

Their image was recorded in the film TANGO, used for the first time in 1933, where he can do it with its partner Carmencita Calderón, hardly a chiquilina smaller than 20 years.

He appears not very elegant of the waist it stops below, with the very erect torso, but with too much movement of feet, possibly for the director's of the movie order, to get the attention.

Their nickname was for our daily history as name and definitive last name: Cachafaz.

According to the dictionary of lunfardo of Adolfo Enrique Rodríguez, cachafaz, means: rascal, shameless, insolent, scamp, idler.

It is possible that it has been it and it is possible that not, their face generated doubts. Hairstyle to the gomina, the tight hair back, features aindiados and pock dive, he always posed with serious expression in the pictures and in the cinema.

Their real name was Ovid José Bianquet, although for some its name was Benito. Here he enters to carve don José Gobello and in an article he gives their opinion: "That was a nickname that won of boy and for a confusion. Rioja lived in the street in the neighborhood of south Balvanera when to the sectional of police they denounced that somebody had broken a glass of a business of a blow. They accuse him and you arrives to their house, the mother, a Cordovan, cannot believe it and before the policeman she only hits upon to exclaim: It cannot be if he is "buenito", it is "buenito"."

The authority understood Benito and it passed this way the report, Benito Bianquet. To see note "The famous dancers...", where there is another opinion)

And why Cachafaz? According to Gobello, again that it belonged atropellador with the women to boy and he sometimes knew how to overstep. One of them complained before their father and they say that he exclaimed furious: My son is a cachafaz! The boys of the neighborhood or all those that were made the rest.

He had been born February 14 1885 in the corner of Boedo and Independence, today neighborhood of Boedo.

In 1911 it traveled to the United States and of return in 1913 it installed a dance school.

Between 1910 and 1929 he/she had of partners, in the love and in the dance, to Emma Vault and Elsa O'Connor, later dramatic outstanding actress of the theater and of the cinema. Then Isabel San Miguel and from 1933 exclusively as dance partner to Carmencita Calderón.

In 1919 he/she walked for Paris, they say that to act in the mythical "Paw", where it was made know the Argentinean musician Manuel Pizarro next to their siblings, but the European way of life and him they didn't go of agreement and for such a reason he/she returned.

Gobello that gave dance lessons very well pays to people of the high society says and it finishes with a guessed right reflection: "Haya been really the maximum dancer of tangos or it has not been it, for such he/she will always" have it to him.

It died finally of a performance in the city of Mar del Plata February 7 / 1942.

The journalist's report Irene Amuchástegui to Carmen Calderón when being turned 55 years of the death of "Cachafaz." Daily Trumpet, Buenos Aires, February 7 1997.

"He/she had a special don .cuenta Carmencita - elegance and an unique compass. It was a great creator of steps, but he/she also had in common many "courts" with (figures) José Giambuzzi "Tarila."

Don Benito made them impeccable, without curving and with a fineness that removed him/her the vile thing to the tango, to the dance. Because it is necessary to say that the tango, sometimes, is a quite disgusting poquitín, there are courts where the woman puts the leg among the man's legs.

The he made it with excellence. It was the best.
It dressed black sack and pant fantasy (to black and gray lines) for the tango with courts and for the living room tango it dressed of smocking.

It was not handsome, it was ugly as dark night and that chopped face of pock, but their form of being was soft and nice. Now, when he/she got angry all they trembled.

I never use revolver, of a cachetazo he/she left them sleeping.

I met him in the club "Without direction (that it still exists)." I was with my smaller sisters to who I raised when dying my mother.

It was seated and somebody insisted me so that he/she danced with a man that was there. I knew that it was "Tarila", I accepted and when finishing the piece he told me: Would "you accept to be my partner and the partner of "Cachafaz?"" When I listened that name I lit up as thistle.

I debuted with don Benito in the cinema-theater San Fernando, Pedro's orchestra played Maffia, the best bandoneonista. We work a lot for the companies of magazines of Francisco Canaro. We also travel, but there "The Cheek" passed it bad, it missed a lot, because he was of sleeping every night in the mom's house. He also liked to arrive every afternoon at six o'clock to the coffee of Currents and Talcahuano where it always occupied the same table and he received their friends, among them Gardel.

We dance the last night, it was in a local call "The big" ranch, in Mar del Plata. We finish acting and I left to a room with the employer to listen for radio a soccer game between Argentina and Uruguay. Suddenly he/she leaned out and he/she told me: "Carmencita, I wait for it after the party to take half whisky." . it was always me about you -. To the while a woman entered to the screams to say that don Benito was thrown in the patio. When I was thrown it in the floor I thought that it was only a fall. 55 years already passed."

Source: Todo Tango