Escuela de Tango Danza "DISCEPOLIN"





IIf the choreography tanguera evolved parallelly to the music and its you imagine they nurtured of the same sources, the cared goods and the Creoles, it is exactly to locate the first dancers among the creators of the Tango. Obviously, the first ones - first - they didn't leave registrations of their names when they made fun to the dances of the black ones in the doors of a candombe or when they innovated in the figures of a Havanan one or of an Andalusian tango.
But the oral tradition and some chronicles remember names that became famous with their races, courts and gulches: Thin Saúl, Mariano Cao, the payador and great end singer and beginning of centuries Arturo of Dales and Juan Filiberto, father of Juan de Dios Filiberto the author of the famous "Caminito." Only of these two last there are news something more reliable than the mere legend. Filiberto, alias "Mask", era of profession bricklayer although he/she governed toward century ends two dance houses: Bailetín of the Hard-twisted one, near to the corner of Suárez and Necochea, and another in Brandzen and Villafañe. Their son Juan de Dios described it like a "cheerful" person, a little unworried of all the things, but simple and good,
In turn, the conditions of De Navas like dancer they were documented in 1903 in pictures published in Expensive and Masks. Hardly it is knows about him that was born in the Uruguayan city of Paysandú around 1876, and that he died in Buenos Aires in 1932.