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Friday, December 11/2015
The Origin of the Day - Suggestions

Ben Molar impelled the setting-up of the 'National Day of the Tango' that is celebrated December 11 in the entire world, in commemoration to the dates of birth of the creators of two slopes of the tango: "The Voice" and (Carlos Gardel, the Creole thrush, idol and representative figure of the tango, born December 11 / 1890) "The Music (Expensive, great orchestra director's Julio and renovating of the gender, born December 11/1899)."
This date was born in a way more than special. It was a night of 1965. Ben Molar was stopped in the corner of the tango, corner that, according to his words, it is "the one that my friends Francisco Pacránico and Celedonio Flores made him to call himself Currents and Esmeralda...". He/she went on the way to Julio's house Of Expensive to celebrate their birthday when it arose him/her the great idea: it associated the date of birth of Of Expensive with that of Carlos Gardel. He/she realized that, besides being the two big slopes, they were the two national big creators.
It introduced the proposal then to the Secretary of Culture of the Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires, Ricardo T. Freixá who requested him/her the conformity of the artistic entities. Ben Molar got this way the conformity of Sadaic, Argentores, Sade, Marries of the Theater, Argentinean Union of Musicians, Union Argentina of Artists of Varieties, Buenos Aires Academy of Lunfardo, Radio Rivadavia, Foundation Mercantile Bank, Gardeliana, Association Argentina of Actors and Association Friends of the Street Currents.
Eleven years later, after a lot to travel and of observing how their orders were in official drawers, he/she threatened the Secretary of Culture of the Municipality of Buenos Aires cordially, Ricardo Freixa, with making a radial, television great mobilization and graph announcing the organization of a festival monster in the Moon Park in support of the 'Day of the Tango.' This way, together with a delegation of the Association Friends of the Street Currents, he/she requested Tito Lectoure the Moon Park for December 11.
At the two hours of the ultimatum the miracle took place: the promulgation of the ordinance yearned during so many years. This way, November of 1977 Ben Molar 29 received the news that the Ordinance had been signed Nº 5830/77 of the Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires.
December 11 the festival was carried out with the presence enfervorizada of spectators that you/they celebrated the announcement of that desert Day of the Tango and foot vivaron to its maximum idols. They were present the biggest musicians, orchestras, singers, exciting, speakers, journalists and personalities linked with the tango. That night, Julio Of Expensive received very excited in the scenario the applause of some 15 thousand people that you/they sang his birthday.
However, for Ben Molar this was not enough: he/she intended to take the things at national level. December of that year 23, to order of the Secretary of State of Culture of the Nation, Doctor Raúl Alberto Casal, organized a farewell tanguera of that year 1977 in the National Theater Cervantes. But, to change, Ben Molar requested him/her the approval from the ordinance to national level. In Cervantes they acted big interpreters then, orchestras, singers and exciting and, also, reading was given to the Ordinance Nº 3781/77 of December 19 of 1977, in the one that was established the 'National Day of the Tango' for December 11.

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