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They were present at once, 
Lucio Demare son, Acho Manzi
and family and descending of both.bos.


They were godfather that act
the Mrs. Susana Rinaldi and Tata Cedrón,

"Malena" was heard, sung for
María José Demare (daughter of Lucas Demare),
Carlos Barral (who worked until last moment with Lucio Demare in "Malena to the South") 
and Jorge Guillerm


March 6 the 2003, in the Living room Noble Roberto of the Society Argentina of Authors and Composers (SADAIC), put on in journalists' knowledge and media, the reasons that impelled the idea of establishing the 6 of March like the one:

"Day of Malenas"
They coincide with March 6:
   -The date of declaration of the tango "Malena" in SADAIC, in the year 1942.
- -The death, in 1974, of the music's composer, Lucio Demare.
  -The birth, in 1933, of Acho Manzi, son of Homero Manzi, author of the letter.
  -The birth of Romina Manzione, great-granddaughter of Homero Manzi, in 1989.
  -Presentation of Malenas of Lucio's families Demare and of Homero Manzi.
 Congratulations to all the Malenas

"MALENA" that of the tango   

 Homero Manzi next to Pichuco told it to him in a radio report to exciting Bellini in its tango program.
There Manzi said that "MALENA" was María Esther Lerena. 

He was 17 years old when he opened the movie Milonguita that saw quantity of times.

In that time of silent movies, the singers bent to themselves behind the screen, as well as she made it María Esther that interpreted tangos.

Behind the scenario he/she settled a microphone, and there they sang, accompanied by guitarists.

In that way, the public could hear sing those who the characters embodied.

Vacarezza used to go to a coffee beside the theater President Alvear, in the Average avenue. 

In one of their tables, Ángel Cárdenas heard him/her say that she was true Malena. And that corroborates the news.

Looking for the artist's material in the museum of the cinema, I could see that woman's beauty and to realize that from the distance of the silent cinema the film industry had made a way in the time, separating the artists those of those of the present time with the new" "noise of the sound movies.

They say that Malena of Toledo stopped to sing when she found out that they had written the tango "Malena" for her, decision that I find uncertain, and that she doesn't enter in my understanding.

Never, in my own house, I heard speak of who Malena was.

But yes, I always knew about the good pleasure and sense of artistic qualities of which enjoyed my father, the poet, that only with the memory of somebody that heard in their youth, could create the marvel that lodged inside the heart of our world.

From 1942 year in the one that the tango was made, to anybody he/she was happened to wonder who was in fact Malena.

The fever to assign him/her an identity began in 1965, in a program that Reed had in Channel 9, where a lady landlady of a grill in the avenue Town council, to a block of the General Peace, said that she was Malena of the tango, and I took charge personally of underrating her idea. 

They already come then that "true" Malena was born of the mettlesome memory of a 17 year-old boy that revived its feelings when adult, writing the verses that it dictated him its mysterious profession of tango letrista. 

When making it she didn't leave aside the stamp that they print him each one of those that interpreted it and they interpret that also makes them owners of any personal pretense, and that well deserved the they have.

Acho Manzi


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